Tuesday, August 30

A dream and a study...

I was given a dream recently that I am supposed to share. I pray that I accurately portray what I saw.

In the dream there were initially two groups of people.

In one group there was a group of people engaging in all sorts of sexual perversions. None of which were loving each other but just using the others. There were homosexual activities as well as heterosexual. It sheer and utter hedonism. God was not with them. There was sickness and disease spreading among them. They hated God.

In the other group there were Christians talking about what they saw and how to fix it. They loved God. They had all the answers to every problem on display. They seemed to know exactly what to do.

They didn't seem t0o concerned when one of their own would slip over and go into the other group and start engaging in the hedonism. They also were very happy to welcome people into their group when they just stopped being part of the other group and wanted to come over.

This second group accepted everyone back except for the homosexuals who tried to join them. Many were turned away and went back to the hedonism broken and sick. Some, however, stopped taking part in hedonism and started loving relationships and worshiping God. Those people formed a third group.

The second group turned its attention from the first group and started telling the second group what to do. They weren't talking amongst themselves any more. They had stopped looking at the hedonism of group one and were focused on the new third group. They had all the answers still and told them God wasn't with them. At first the second group was very sure of itself but then some of the people started moving into the third group.

The third group was like the second except no one who left the first group was ever turned away. Soon almost half of the second group had left and was with the third group.

The second group was furious. Still saying the same things about the third group.

God was angry with the second group. He loved them but so many people who tried to join them were turned away. Many in the first group thought about leaving only to watch people be turned away.

God asked who is saved? I said the second and third groups. He said no. Only the third group was loving all their neighbors.

He then asked, who is it easier for me to reach? The lost and wicked who know what they are doing is wrong or the righteous who are lost on the path?

A study was released today by the Public Religion Research Institute looking at how we view homosexuality as it intersects with our faith.

Only 10% of the people in the study would turn away homosexuals at the door. The numbers say that 46% think it's not a sin and of the 50% that think it is a sin 68% would call it a sin but welcome them in their church. (see Q31 and Q32)

This is an issue that is tearing the Christian church apart and where there is such division amongst people that say they love God there is guidance. We should throw open the door and love abundantly. Leaving the decision to God to decide.

When we fail that call we drive a wedge between people and God. This is the greatest sin. To be the wedge between God and one that he is calling. The mere accusation of this should send shivers down your spine. What will GOD do if you are in the one who judges wrongly?

Well according to this study, over 54% of the population believes that religious groups are alienating young people by being too judgmental. (See Q34 b) Let me be clear, this is all age groups this is ALL young people...not just homosexual youth.

Worse though, 69% of the YOUNG people say that it's the case (See summary). They know best because it's a question talking about them.

When we see our young people fleeing the church and we are wondering why....here it is and it's not just a disturbing dream but it's a fact.

I'm in the third group. Please join me no matter where you are right now, there is room.