Friday, December 10


I am a mostly-closeted transsexual woman and a Christian. I am also married and have three children. I write this as a believer to believers.
Galatians 1:8-9 But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!
Galatians 5:12-14 You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Here it is place the law bare before you. Love me as you would yourself.
Put yourself in my shoes. Imagine feeling that something is wrong about you begging and pleading with God to make it go away. Imagine feeling like you had to be something even though you weren’t. Imagine hating yourself and wanting to die. Imagine a day where you decide the world would be better off without you. Imagine failing.
Imagine then accepting who you are. Imagine making peace with God. Imagine telling your parents, siblings, and others.
What would you want? What would love be?
Would you want to be forced to out yourself every time you have to go pee? Would you want to have people that will kill you for no more reason than because you are expressing your truth?
Why would you tolerate or accept as normal a violent reaction? Why would you assume that I am a rapist or a child molester?
Why would you deny me in your church?
Why would you avoid me?
Are you living as Jesus did? Do you really know him?
I am your neighbor.
This is my cross and millions of others carry it too.
As a believer, I am asking you to reconsider your actions. I am telling you I am not your enemy. The anger and hatred that you might feel towards me does not come from God. Your pity is also not from God.
Moreover, I am warning you if your actions cause Gods children to turn from him, he will hold you accountable.
There are an estimated 100 million to 600 million LGBT people in the world and the vast majority of them believe that God is mean and evil or a fairy tale because the leaders of Christian movements say words that make them feel hated.
Why would someone you are loving think you hate them?
Because they are being killed, beaten, taunted, and generally condemned for doing nothing more than expressing their inner truth.
You want to love your neighbor as yourself? Put yourself in my shoes. Hear what is being said.
There are always examples of people living a life that is filled with horrible sin and debauchery but you can’t possibly expect that to change when the message from the majority of believers is that God doesn’t really accept them. Doesn’t want them in their church. Doesn’t recognize their loved ones. Takes joy in their affliction.
Change that message and watch all of HEAVEN open up with a revival larger than any before. Imagine 400 million people turned to God.

Wednesday, December 1

Is your town next for protecting perversion?

Dave Welch, a pastor from Houston, writes an oped piece for asking "Is your town next for protecting perversion?"

That's how he sees people.  Perverts.

He wants to make sure that people like me are continuously harassed and treated with contempt so we never forget our place.  It is difficult to see him as anything other than how I view the southern pastors that never spoke against the evil racism of the deep south...where all those "colored people" needed to be kept in their place.

It's just the colored people are now LGBTIQ people.

I think it is ignorance though.  He can't know what it's like because he is not in the situation.  He seems lacking in empathy.

Pastor Welch, you slander me in calling me a pervert and you harm me by wanting me treated less than equal.

You like James 4....please carry on.

James 4:
11 Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister[d] or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?

Tuesday, November 23

Homosexuality is a threat?

Gregg Everhart tells us that homosexuality is a threat.

I question the two main points he makes because he fails to see the forest through the trees.  Let's look at his points one at a time:

It is medically unhealthy, life threatening, it is nonsensible, and unnatural (They cannot reproduce). The statistics prove much higher percentages of child molestation, diseases (AIDS, venereal, etc), mental illness and suicide than heterosexual.
This is a chicken or egg situation.  He is saying that LGBT people are more messed up than heterosexual people.  Which he claims is borne out statistically.  He is in fact, correct.  The problem is, he doesn't think it through to the next step, why?  In essence he just says "You can't be LGBT because you will be sick so we won't allow it."  That ignores the *FACT* that there are people that are and always have been LGBT.  So what to do with us?  Kill us?  Is that his Christian response, it's been done before.

I want to make an assertion.  I assert that LGBT people are the same as everyone else.  THE SAME.  Statistics can be used to deceive and that is just what Gregg is doing.  It's a slight of hand trick.  

The failure is in not asking the question, WHY?  THE why question gets to the sin.  It can help us uncover the truth. 

Why more child molesters?  Question:  What percentage of the child molesters are openly LGBT?  I would assert that it is very very few.  The vast majority live a life pretending to be something they aren't and so when they inevitably need to express their intimate needs they use a child.  

Children are the logical choice for someone so out of touch with who they are.  Their innocence and easy to gain trust mean that the person can seek that need for human companionship and love without exposing their horrible LGBT self.  Thus they commit an unspeakable crime that makes them UTTERLY deserving of hell because they failed to get the love and companionship that they needed in a healthy and mutually consenting relationship with another adult.

When LGBT activists press for equal rights what they are saying is "We want the freedom to have HEALTHY mutually consenting relationships with other adults and to be treated as equal under the law."  These people are not the people that Gregg rightfully has problems with but rather they are the healthy ones yet the healthy ones get attacked by Gregg...not the sick ones.

Why are the sick ones sick?  Because of people like Gregg that make them hate themselves because they BELIEVE that homosexuality is a threat...and they hate themselves for it.

Increased prevalence of venereal diseases?  Again, a symptom not the problem.  The problem is that more people in the LGBT community are doing self destructive behavior.  I am talking about prostitution, drugs, and cruising.  Again you absolutely have to ask the WHY question.

The answers here vary a bit.  Prostitution is more common because we frequently have employment discrimination and can't find gainful employment...because people like Gregg don't like us and either fire us or make sure to complain to our employers.

Drugs, because of that self hatred and need to escape the reality of who they are and the life they live.

Cruising, because they have been told and believe that they aren't worthy of a mutually exclusive and beneficial relationship.

None of these things are good but EVERY ONE OF THEM has a root cause that points back to the DESTRUCTIVE message that their lives are wrong as perpetrated by Gregg.

Suicide?  Come on.  If they buy the message, they act out in horrible ways or they turn it in on themselves.  

Being true to who we are is a brave and courageous thing.  We have been marginalized and attacked all through history because we are different.  We march to the tune of a different drummer than people like you Gregg but if you fail to see the harm you are doing and your implicit shame in this it is you that will answer to God for it.  Your crimes against his people are great and you have not repented of your sin.

Please Gregg, stop.  Ask the why questions and employ some empathy.  You are not under attack.  Your families are not under attack.  We desperately need a better way, Gregg.  We need your help.

We need to have the institution of marriage.  We need to have that ideal of what we *SHOULD* be living like.  A structure that lifts up and glorifies God because MARRIAGE teaches people agape love.  Self sacrificial love.  LGBT people do have that in many cases but the structure of marriage will cement that for so many more.  

We need acceptance and not rebuke.  We need mutual respect and understanding.  

Gregg, a recent study by an online dating site shows that LGBT people are looking for other LGBT people for relationships.  Gregg, no one is looking for you or your families to become LGBT, we would rather be just friends.
It is a direct threat to our traditional family structure that God designed and our forefathers honored and instituted in our laws. Read Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:26-32. 
So Gregg, do you know what is being said in these verses?  They are about two different things.  One is a cleanliness issue. Anal sex is dirty and dangerous and yes it is more likely to transmit diseases.  That is the Leviticus verse.  It's a safety issue that God wanted to help people be safer.  It's still true today, but like eating pig and shell fish, we have better sanitation practices that mitigate most of the risks given stable monogamous relationships.

There are a few other versus in Leviticus that have been related to LGBT people when actually they are about the practices of other religions...which is exactly what you see talked about in Romans.  You just have to look a right before the verses you mention.

I make no excuse for drug use, uncommitted sexual relationships, worshiping idols, or pedophiles...they are sick.  Every one of them but they are no worse or better than anyone else.  We all have sins we have shamefully committed.  

What we have as Christians though is an eternal God who loves us.  He loved us so much that he gave us his son as a sacrifice for our inequities so that we might have eternal life with him.  That is both a gift and a responsibility.  It requires us only to ask Jesus who stands at the door waiting to welcome us and to love abundantly both God and all people.

Gregg, I am not a threat to you but I am transsexual.  I would be happy for you to be in Gods kingdom with me.  However, just as you think I am in gross violation of Gods law and at risk of Hell I believe you are the one at risk of Hell.  I care for you too much Gregg to allow you to go to Hell without a word spoken.  Repent of the false doctrine that God condemns people to hell because of who they are rather than the EVIL and WICKED things they do.

Gregg, what you and so many Christians mean for good is being used by the deceiver to achieve great wickedness.  Our faith is litterally under attack because of the perceived hypocrisy of it. 

While God created man and woman his absence from restoring our human genes is causing a slow and constant degradation in our DNA.  Generational curses are passed from parents to children with new breakdowns occurring at a genetic level with every new generation.  

We know for a fact that some people have genetic structures of both sexes.  Do you deny their existence was Gods doing?  We know for a fact that some people feel a disconnect, as I do, with the gender we were born in.  We know for a fact that some people feel an innate attraction to people of their own gender.  Do you deny us because of what you can not see or know?  Is the collective testimony of millions of people not sufficient?  The strong biological indicators?  

Cancer attacks from the inside out usually hiding beneath the surface...just a minor mutation.  You don't deny it but years ago no one knew.  Killed from the inside unknown killer.  

The politically correctness being shown by people is because we are FAR MORE AFRAID of judging wrong than of failing to judge.  You should be too.

While we may not know why God is allowing this, it is happening and because you can NOT justify MURDERING us before God you have no choice but to live with us.  

Even if you will not be my friend, can we avoid being enemies?  Can you give me the respect I deserve because I am a creation of our loving father just like you are?


Thursday, November 11

Experts fear copycat suicides after bullying cases | bullying, experts, attention - Local News - WRGB CBS 6 Albany

Experts fear copycat suicides after bullying cases | bullying, experts, attention - Local News - WRGB CBS 6 Albany

Experts know that these suicides have been happening every day for a long time. It used to be that LGBT people would simply be hunted down and killed, then people learned if they could make it bad enough for people...they would take care of it themselves.

Any expert knows this.

They were going to kill themselves anyway. Now they are killing themselves with notes making sure everyone knows.

That's not a copy cat, that's notification.

People don't kill themselves just to make a point. They kill themselves because they see it as the best possible action.

The job of society then is to teach people that it is not the best action.

It gets better. We do care. You are not alone.

Now if their parents and friends would step in an fufill the role of society, we might just see an impact.

No Christians, you CAN NOT tell someone that they are sick and wrong and expect them to feel like you love them.

Your job, Christians, is not to defend God. Your job is to love abundantly. If love doesn't feel like love, you are doing it wrong.

Got it? Get it. Now.